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Friday Leisure (detail), Kim Frohsin © 1998
Used with permission of the artist

The first appointment is an opportunity for you and Dr. Palmer to decide if you can work together. If Dr. Palmer determines that she is not the best person to treat your problem she will help you find someone who is.

If you have been in psychiatric care in the past it would be helpful to provide records. Typed summaries are ideal. Please bring all available information to your first visit or fax to 443-568-0700 as soon as possible beforehand. For your convenience, an Authorization to Receive or Disclose Information form can be downloaded here for you to sign and give to your previous doctor(s).

All new patients are asked to please:

  • Read the Notice of Privacy Practices document.
  • Print and complete the Patient Information and Consent form.
  • Print and complete the New Patient Information form.

Dr. Palmer does not participate with any insurance plans. She will provide a statement for fees paid at each visit that you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement. Please note that reimbursement amounts vary among insurance plans and only apply to plans with out-of-network psychiatry benefits.

Please bring all completed forms to your first appointment.